Diane Enderson
Energy Healer
Founder, Center for Bridging Body, Mind, and Spirit

Academy of Excellence


As a spiritual teacher, I thoroughly enjoy bringing my own knowledge to those on a path of spiritual enlightenment. 


I offer individual and group workshops in both Fresno and the Bay Area, and can also give talks about my own spiritual journey.


Here is a partial list of subjects I can address:

  • Understanding what it means to be a spiritual being

  • Your energy and how it works

  • The chakra system

  • Your god self

  • Healing with light

  • Understanding emotions and how they affect the physical body

  • Belief systems and how they create your reality

Call for current classes, or to ask about topics about which you’d like to learn.

Fresno classes held at

8497 N. Millbrooke Suite 106 
Fresno, CA  93720

For more information, call 559-960-0211 or email: diane@diane-healer.com

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